Xingyi Quan – Hsing I Chuan – (“The Mind Shape Fist” or “Form Intent Fist”)

Sundays, 8:30am-10:30am

P1010318Xingyi Quan is translated as “The Shape of the Fist is Determined by Intent/ Mind”. Xing or “shape” refers to the integration of the body, Yi is the “mind” and Quan is “fist”. What this means is the mind doesn’t need to “think” in order to respond to a situation, the response is direct and immediate.

Xingyi Quan teaches that good body mechanics, whole body power and the development of the mind are an integral and fundamental part of any self improvement program. These principles are expressed in the Five Element Fists and the Twelve Animals forms. These versatile training pieces are the core of the Xingyi Quan curriculum teaching both health and longevity practices and self defense principles.

Of all the Internal Martial Arts, Xingyi Quan is the most direct. In many ways it is simpler to learn and practice than Bagua Zhang or Taiji Quan and that simplicity is its strength. Known as a hard-hitting style, Xingyi Quan excels in taking and controlling the centerline while quickly advancing, retreating and cutting the angle.

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