Qi Gong

Qi Gong – Chi Kung – Chi Gong – (“Life Energy Cultivation Method”)

Taught in Every Xingyi & Bagua Class!

baduanjin3The Chinese health care system known as Qi Gong (Chi Gong) revitalizes and reintegrates the mind, body and spirit using various postures, visualizations and breathing techniques.

The word Qi Gong (also translated Chi Gong or Chi Kung) is two words; “Qi/ Chi” which means: Life Energy and “Gong” which is method or way of practice. So Qi Gong is a method of cultivating life energy. This implies the idea that cultivation is a practice or method that has to be worked at and the result will be to restore our “life energy”.

Consistent practice of Qi Gong will:

  • Improve Cardiopulmonary & Vascular Function
  • Helps Prevent Injury by Gently Strengthening Joints, Ligaments and Bones
  • Strengthen the Organ & Lymphatic Systems
  • Balance Emotions and Release Stress
  • Strengthen Muscles and Restores Power

At Boulder Internal Arts there are four primary Qi Gong sets that build on each other to create a complete internal health care system:

  1. Wu Qin Xi  – 五禽戲 – Hua Tuo’s “Five Animals Frolic”
  2. Ba Duan Jin – 八段锦气功 – “Eight Pieces Of Brocade”
  3. Liu Zi Jue – 六字訣 – “Six Healing Sounds”
  4. Xiao Zhou Tian- 小周天 –“Microcosmic Orbit / Small Heavenly Circulation”
  5. Advanced Sets – Invitation Only