Boulder Internal Arts Sanshou training classes integrate multiple trained skill sets in real time, with P1010594resistance. Chinese Martial Arts have at their core four main areas of study: Shuai (throwing, knocking-down), Na (locking), Ti (kicking) and Da (striking). All of the arts taught at Boulder Internal Arts incorporate these skills into training and application. This will build a higher level of skill and understanding by integrating:

  • Correctly trained body mechanics found and practiced in the forms
  • The ability to “listen” and respond in Pushing/ Rolling Hands training
  • The strength and coordination built in the power training class

Each class will begin with basic exercises and strength training followed by pad and heavy bag work to condition the arms, shoulders and legs. This will build accuracy in striking while increasing endurance for free sparring situations.  Next, the class will work in pairs on applications and reaction drills progressing to application of these arts against a resisting opponent at full-speed.

The class’s aim is to give the student not only the techniques but also the strength and inner calm needed to deal with potentially violent altercations in an appropriate and decisive manner.

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