The Boulder Internal Arts System 

A Clear Path for Self Cultivation and Personal Transformation

            Boulder Internal Arts trains the Yi Zong Kung Fu system, a complete system of traditional Chinese Taoist Internal Martial Arts training. When trained consistently and correctly it will promote physical fitness, health, mental focus and clarity, martial spirit and self defense ability. Training one of these arts (Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan or Xingyi Quan) will give you a complete system for self cultivation and personal transformation.

The Yi Zong System as it is organized at Boulder Internal Martial Arts:

Included in each of these arts are a number of skill sets that must be developed to embody the breadth and depth of these arts but are not necessary for simple health practice:

Student Practitioners at Boulder Internal Arts will begin studying one of the three Taoist Internal systems offered (Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan or Xingyi Quan). Each art has strengths and unique attributes that will lend themselves to attaining personal goals based on individual needs/ desires.

Internal Martial Arts Programs

Boulder Internal Arts offers three traditional Internal Martial Arts Systems:

  • Bagua Zhang – The Art of Change
  • Taiji Quan – The Essence of Taiji
  • Xingyi Quan – The Most Direct Internal Art

Each program is designed to give the beginning student a good foundation in the basic skill sets of the respective art setting the stage for an excellent long term health practice or self defense. Strength building, physical conditioning, hand methods, footwork, alignment, chi gong, nei gong, body mechanics and pushing/rolling hands are all taught.

The basics must be trained and internalized to a competent degree before progress to more advanced levels can be attained. This training will emphasize the development of proper body alignment, stepping, footwork and principles of movement using forms, drills, application and push/ rolling hands that will promote health, balance and longevity.

Detailed Description: Bagua Zhang, Taiji Quan, Xingyi Quan

Chi Gong –Chi Kung – Qi Gong  (“Skill Gained Through Breath-work”)

Chi Gong is a gentle set of exercises to help promote health and well being. Boulder Internal Arts teaches a number of sets that combine breath work with various movements, visualizations and stretching. The basic goal of Chi Gong practice is to integrate the mind and body to create a superior state of health.

Detailed Description:  Chi Gong

Pushing / Rolling Hands – Push Hands (Tuishou) or Rolling Hands (Roushou)

Push hands or Rolling hands is a two person training method common to most Chinese Internal Martial Arts. Tuishou, and its more advanced counterpart Roushou, develop a number of skill sets integral to truly being able to use the internal martial arts for self defense and as a tool for personal growth.

Detailed Description:  Pushing/ Rolling Hands

Sanshou (“Free Hands”)

Sanshou training focuses on developing practical martial skills in realistic situations with varying degrees of resistance and cooperation. Sanshou training will combine multiple skill sets in a more open format.  The slow, methodical, time tested progression will build technique, endurance, self-confidence while focusing on staying safe and injury free.

Detailed Description:  Sanshou

Neigong  (“Inner Work”)

Neigong means “inner work” and is fundamental to Taoist (Daoist) martial arts. It can be a basic movement exercise or a visualization taught at the end of class. Regardless, at Boulder Internal Arts, Nei gong is included in every class.