Bagua ZhangBa Gua Zhang – Pa Kua Chang – (“Eight Changes of the Palm”)

 Sundays 8:30am to 10:30am

P1010320Bagua Zhang – Eight Changes of the Palm or The Art of Change is the youngest of the Internal Martial Arts. Based on Taoist longevity practices Bagua Zhang is most famous for its circle walking forms. The circling walking form is the foundation of martial skill or a healthy lifestyle.

Bagua Zhang teaches the student to embody the principle of continuously change, mentally, physically or emotionally, in response to any given situation.

Boulder Internal Arts Bagua Zhang curriculum is designed to build a solid foundation for health or self defense. By training solo, partner and live drills with various levels of resistance the student will integrate the body and mind creating a higher level health practice or learn to overcome an opponent with skill rather than force.

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