Zhang Jun Feng

img132Zhang Jun Feng was born in China in Shandong province, 1902 and at the age of nine moved to Tianjin City to learn the fruit wholesaling business. By the age of sixteen he was already interested in martial arts. It is not known what arts he studied originally but by 1923 he was a close friend of Wu Meng Xia.

Wu Meng Xia introduced Zhang to Gao Yi Sheng and Gao accepted him as his student. Zhang could not attend Gao’s public class because he worked managing a fruit wholesaling business so he paid to receive private instruction from Gao in the morning and in the evening. Private instruction was the most expensive level of Gao’s teaching structure. Gao taught advanced variations of his core material and theory to his private students that he did not teach in his public classes. In his later years Zhang was known to yell at his students “Do you know how much I had to pay to learn these skills?!”

Zhang also spent a lot of time sparring and practicing with his senior Kung Fu brother Wu Meng Xia who he learned a great deal from. Wu had many famous teachers including Han Mu Xia (Xingyi Quan), Niu Chun Ming (Yang Tai Chi Chuan) and Gao Yi Sheng (Bagua Zhang). Wu was known for his quick temper and excellent fighting skill. Zhang Jun Feng also studied with Hebei Xing Yi Quan master Li Cun Yi, but only in name. At this time Li was old and Zhang studied with Li’s son Li Bin Tang.

In the summer of 1948 the communists took over and Zhang Jun Feng left mainland China for Taiwan.  He tried to set up a fruit wholesaling business, but the business failed. To support himself he began to teach martial arts. Zhang began holding open classes and founded the Yi Zong martial arts school in 1950. During this time he fought many challenges matches from the traditional martial artists in Taiwan and the other teachers who had moved from the mainland.

Yi Zong is the name Gao Yi Sheng gave Zhang Jun Feng’s branch of his Bagua Zhang. So our branch of Gao’s Bagua Zhang is called Yi Zong Bagua Zhang (the martial art of the Yi Ching – eight trigram palm).  Zhang Jun Feng passed away in Taiwan in 1974.  He was seventy-two.