Luo Dexiu

00-img076           Mr. Luo began his study of martial arts in his teens learning traditional Shao- Lin gung fu. Hearing from a friend about Hung I Xiang, Luo visited Hung’s school. He liked what he saw and began his study of Xing Yi Quan.

           He trained diligently and eventually became one of Hung’s best students and his school champion; continually accepting challenges on Hung’s behalf and eventually winning three Taiwan full contact championships in the early 70’s. His insatiable interest in the internal martial arts led him to become close to the Hong family and learn the entire Yi Zong system as taught by their teacher Zhang Jun Feng.

            While researching the Yi Zong system in Taiwan Luo also talked to many former students of Zhang Jun Feng comparing forms, theory and application with them. This research gave him a uniquely informed point of view on the Yi Zong system of Zhang Jun Feng. He is known as one of the foremost experts on Bagua Zhang in the world. Mr. Luo lives and teaches in Taipei, Taiwan.